[pmwiki-users] title directive and links

Dan Weber webmaster at drwhosting.net
Wed Sep 21 10:11:20 CDT 2005

I am new to PmWiki but I like it very much. I have looked at other Wiki
systems but PmWiki seemed simple and yet powerful.

I have a question regarding the (:title text:) directive. If I put a
link to a page that contains such a title directive, wouldn't it be
better if the text displayed with the link would be the specified
title, instead of the page name? Right now I have to manually specify
the text for the link with the [[MyPage|My Link Name]] syntax and it
would be really great if PmWiki could use whatever the (:title:)
directive specified.

Maybe someone has an idea how to change the default behavior this way?
I'll give it a try too but I still have to learn about PmWiki
customizations and it probably will take me a while.


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