[pmwiki-users] Question about (:if expr auth admin:)

Christopher Dant cdant at virsa.com
Tue Sep 20 22:53:56 CDT 2005

> For the two wikis that I manage, I am looking for these two aspects of a
> 'solution':
> a. access rights based on groups (the ability to grant each user access
> rights to specified groups, with a default for the entire wiki)

By "groups" here are you referring to "groups of pages" (i.e., WikiGroups)
or "groups of authors"?  authuser.php already has the ability
to control access to WikiGroups by individual users.

> b. web-based management panel to remove the need to hand-edit
> local/config.php or a passwd-formatted text file

What features does the web-based management panel need?
Is it an "admin-only" interface, or do visitors need the ability
to use it as well (e.g., to create accounts, recover lost passwords,

Yes, I'm referring to WikiGroups as they're implemented in PmWiki.
I think I've got this straight... authuser, while it works exactly as designed, has a couple of major drawbacks for my application. First it still requires me to edit local/config.php. Second, unless I assign users according to a convention that can be matched via a wildcard (using id:p* for example), I need to update the access list for each group for each user. This is the wrong way around because it means I have to make multiple edits for each user twice, once when adding the user and again on removing him/her. It would be more natural for me to type or select the groups as an "attribute" of the user, then have the permissions removed with the user. Also, I want users to select their own user ids and perhaps ultimately to piggyback on LDAP or some other sort of authentication for our intranet.
The result is that group permissions need to be associated with users, not the groups themselves.
On your second question, admin-only will do to start. There are cookbook solutions for things like password changes. Actually I started a laundry list of functionality needed by admins and users then held back because the list seemed to be growing to incorporate things like "recover lost passwords" (which I think would be great) because they might be beyond a more minimal definition of the changes I critically need.
I'll build the list anyway since it might be useful. I was collecting everything I could find from places like UserAuthDevel and starting to think about the fields and buttons it would take.
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