[pmwiki-users] Blogging with PmWiki

Russell Bailey russell-pmwiki at saberpunk.net
Tue Sep 20 14:04:33 CDT 2005

We already have a good solution for sorting content-by-date with the 
calendars,  but what we don't have is an interface with the bells and 
whistles of something like Moveable Type or LiveJournal.  It seems to me 
that PmWiki is really,  really close to providing everything you need 
for this.

Personally,  I want to use this for a robust News Page,  but it seems to 
me a general-purpose solution isn't outside the realm of possibility.

Bells and whistles I'd like to have:

* XML-RPC support for standard APIs.  (Easily enough supported via 
existing recipe.)
* A front page showing the most recent X articles, sorted 
chronologically,  but
* Ability to have both Draft and Posted statuses for blog entries,  and 
to easily move from Draft to Posted.  (Really,  this amounts to being 
able to select whether to post to the calendar from the EditForm.)
* Ability to set (:title:) and categories in separate boxes on the edit 
form.  (Pretty trivial.)
* Outgoing and incoming trackback support.  (Relatively easy with a 
standalone trackback implementation-  the question is just where to 
integrate it.)
* Article categories independent of presentation.  Invisible category 
links,  basically.
* RSS for the whole blog (easily accomplished with 
* RSS for comments pages.  I like CommentBox a lot,  but I don't see an 
easy way to interpret those pages as trails.  (Perhaps comments pages 
should be mini-blogs?)


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