[pmwiki-users] Re: sectionedit 1.4.1 released

Karl Loncarek dh2mll at web.de
Tue Sep 20 12:41:46 CDT 2005

"Patrick R. Michaud" <pmichaud at pobox.com> wrote in
news:20050920154620.GC2784 at host.pmichaud.com: 

> Karl (and possibly others)-
> I don't want to kill any momentum you may have, but I do want to note
> that I'm planning on incorporating a section edit capability into the
> core relatively soon now, so we might want to coordinate a 
> bit before you expend too much effort on this.  We may need to
> make sure we have some agreement or consensus on the markup
> involved and the overall design features if we don't want to conflict
> in the long run...
> Pm

Sounds really good. Ok then I'll stop development of the next version of 
the sectionedit script. Integration in the core is always better than 
with an external script because an external script has to do some things 
which are, well, not nice and quite complicated.

Here some suggestions for the section edit capability (in fact I'm using 
almost all of them)

Suggested Markups (minimum):
====   (for the joint of two sections, for manual sectioning)
(:nosections:) - for disabling Sectioning

In sectionedit I had additional markups (:autosections:) and for 2.0 
(:noautosections:) (=headers are seection borders). But I think it would 
be better in the long end to use variables in the config.php to set this 
behaviour as this should not be changeable within a wiki through markup.

We could also discuss how sectioning should happen, i.e. what are the 
borders of a section:

There are only a few possibilities that make sense:
1 sections are only possible through additional markup (e.g ====)
2 sections use Headers as borders
 a the borders of the section is a header no matter what level
 b the borders of the sections are headers of the same level
3 both of the above 
 a ==== is on border, whatever header is other border
 b something else

I'd prefer 2b and 3a of the above (my opinion)
BTW: 2b is similar to MediaWiki.

Maybe the way sections are created could be adjustable via variables.

What I thought and planned how version 2.0 or sectionedit should have 
worked (maybe you like some of my ideas and can use when programming the 
section edit feature):

Browsing part (main stuff):
1. Check the whole text for markup (====) and headers (before processing 
includes and other markup). 
2. Add temporary markup before the section markers
3. Changed (:include:) markup for doing steps 1 and 2 before really 
including the desired page
4. Doing all other markup
5. When directives are done set global variables for enabling/disabling 
sections; Markup:(:nosections:)
6. Afterwards convert temporary markup to editlinks

Saving part:
1. Split text of page into sections
2. Edit desired section
3. combine other sections and the currently edited section again.

What do you think about my suggestions?
Karl (aka Klonk)

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