[pmwiki-users] Real Clean URLs

Steffen Bauch steffen.bauch at datenkobold.de
Mon Sep 19 13:00:09 CDT 2005

Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

>>Can you explain what you mean with "partial url"?
>An example would be a url that leads to a group's home page,
>such as the one associated with the group names on pmwiki.org.
>For example, the group name "PITS" at the top of a PITS issue
>links to "http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PITS".  
So, for normal URLs a change in $FmtP for PageUrl would suffix,
changing  '$ScriptUrl/$Group/$Name' to  '$ScriptUrl/$Group/$Name.html'
And for partial URLs? Could this be done with some clever mod_rewrite


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