[pmwiki-users] How to Sort Main.AllRecentChanges by date ?

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Mon Sep 19 08:24:09 CDT 2005

On Mon, Sep 19, 2005 at 04:39:26AM +0200, Elbert Kurnianta wrote:
> First of all, thank you to Pm that have provided us with a very good Wiki
> software to use. 

You're welcome!  :-)

> I have a question regarding Main.AllRecentChanges. I've set
> up a wiki at 
> http://wwwstud.ira.uka.de/~s_kurnia/merantauwiki
> and I'd like to use the AllRecentChanges script to control edited pages to
> prevent abuse on the website, but it seems that the changes listed in
> Main.AllRecentChanges page on my site is randomly sorted, which makes it
> very difficult for us to review changes done on my site. The
> AllRecentChanges page can be seen
> here:
> http://wwwstud.ira.uka.de/~s_kurnia/merantauwiki/index.php?n=Main.AllRecentChanges
> Is there any way I could sort the changes by date and put the changes
> descendally, with the newest changes put on the 1st line? I've seen it done 
> in PmWiki.org, and I really hope that it could be implemented in my wiki as
> well.

Something in your local configuration is changing the value of the
$RecentChangesFmt variable, and it's setting it to a value that
doesn't have the "two-consecutive spaces" marker in it that PmWiki uses
to compare RecentChanges entries (and keep it sorted).  It looks like
it might be something in the group settings for Main, since it appears
that all of the other groups are sorting correctly.

Check config files in local/ , and also any cookbook recipes that may
have been loaded.


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