[pmwiki-users] opacity - CSS 3 on Win/IE and FF

Stephan Schildberg schildberg at scoid.de
Sat Sep 17 16:37:50 CDT 2005

>I'll see about fixing the routine that adds the quotes to be a bit
>smarter about such things.  But this is one of those cases
>where it might be a lot better to just externally define a css 
>class and use that -- it will certainly be easier to read!
I think this would be the preferred solution for author driven websites, 
like my sample.

>It may also be that we can come up with an %opacity=40% wikistyle 
>specifier, I need to read up on opacity properties a bit more.  :-)
This would be very fancy, certainly we invent some applications were 
opacity will be indispensable.

regards, Stephan.

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