[pmwiki-users] 2.0.6 release, big improvements in utf-8 support

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Fri Sep 16 13:41:25 CDT 2005

In this release, we provide quite a few more updates for sites that 
want or need to use utf-8 encoding, fix a large number of utf-8 
related bugs, introduce better handling of author cookies, and 
better support for keeping track of version releases.

The biggest change is to the xlpage-utf-8.php recipe, which has 
been substantially rewritten from the previous version. This new 
version of xlpage-utf-8.php no longer depends on the mb_strtoupper() 
function, which seems to be not available in many PHP installations. 
The new version of xlpage-utf-8.php uses mb_strtoupper() if it's 
available, but if not available then it manually performs case 
conversions from a Unicode table that is directly encoded in 
the script. At present this table only understands case 
conversions for Western European (Latin-1 or ISO-8859-1) and 
Cyrillic characters, we'll want to expand the table to support 
other language character sets as needed. Just contact me on the 
listserv if a particular character isn't yet supported.

In addition to the above, author names and cookies in utf-8 
environments now work again, and link suffixes containing 
non-ASCII characters work again also.

The GUI button handling in IE has been greatly improved; text 
selection in IE now works as you would expect it to work when a 
gui button is pressed. Possibly still no hope for Mac Safari 
browsers, unfortunately...

A $CookiePrefix variable has been introduced; a wiki administrator 
can set $CookiePrefix to prevent PmWiki's cookies from interfering 
with cookies set from other applications under the same domain name.

Some XHTML validation issues surrounding the use of <script> tags 
have been fixed.

And lastly, for script and recipe authors, there is now a 
$VersionNum numeric value that makes it easier to determine if 
the currently running version of PmWiki is older or newer than a 
known release. $VersionNum is composed from the release number by 
padding the major and minor release numbers with zeroes to three 
digits, thus $VersionNum for this release (2.0.6) is 2000006, while
a release like "2.1.24" will have $VersionNum set to 2001024.

As mentioned on the pmwiki-users mailing list, we are also now 
maintaining PITS entries for enhancements and changes to consider 
making in the core distribution. The current list can be found at 
http://www.pmwiki.org/PITS/CoreCandidate, all are welcome to add 
comments and vote on the items under consideration. 

Thanks as always,


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