[pmwiki-users] Make xlpage-utf-8.php free from mbstring module?

Elias Soong songjl at 163.net
Thu Sep 15 23:28:06 CDT 2005

    If we use utf-8 coding in pmwiki, the xlpage-utf-8.php require the
php module mbstring actived. Some host like mine not use mbstring, so we
should work aroud it.
    I found in the 36th line of xlpage-utf-8.php, could set which
PageNameFunction will be used. If I simply set "$MakePageNameFunction =
'';", then the xlpage-utf-8.php won't call any mbstring functions, and
the pmwiki could work.
    My question is, when I set MakePageNameFunction to be none, what is
the effect of this? Obviously, WikiWord with non-ASCII will not work. Is
there any other side effects?

                                    Elias Soong

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