[pmwiki-users] PmCalendar 0.11, almost ready for a 1.0.

Pierre-Marie Carette carette.pierre-marie at wanadoo.fr
Thu Sep 15 14:27:40 CDT 2005

thanks for these quicky answers
It was a newbie suggestion, I'am  not informatician ;-(
When I begin a PmWiki, I see in  PmWikiFr/FichierDeConfiguration :
$DefaultName = 'Présentation'; # Page de démarrage groupe - défaut  
'HomePage' -
My server don't like the accent :  I choose  $DefaultName = Intro   
for introduction (same word in french and american). The choice  
$Group.$Group is not evident for my no-informaticians readers.
and I suppose that every admins choose another words....
it's only why I suggest to follow this convention.
To help you modestly , I look after the line in pmcal.php and make  
three trials  ;-) to know where to write $DefaultName. It seems to me  
that I can propose this change after seeing my calendar not destroy  
by this modification ;-)

I confess that I am not enough informatician to have found and  
understand the patrick's suggestion : $out .= "[[$cal]]\n";

My purpose is only to have the buttons beside today(left-bottom of  
the calendar) (the other calendars) with the good links to the  
namecalendargroup.homepage/ intro/.../$DefaultName

I write my trial in the mailist because I believe that exist any  
users in the same case

In my particular case, I maybe use pmcal to pages in group Temps/Time  
like suggest
and wikilog.php to create the events in anothers pages.

Many Thanks for this jobs and quick answers

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