[pmwiki-users] PmCalendar 0.11, almost ready for a 1.0.

Chris Cox ccox at airmail.net
Thu Sep 15 11:24:13 CDT 2005

I think I'd like to just make sure things are working
ok now (bug fixes)... so no more massive feature changes on this
one.  It's pretty configurable/flexible as it stands
right now.  I'd love to have a 1.0 release in a month
or two at most.

Check out the new Examples links at:


Those examples are repeated in the GroupFooter of the
http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmCal/PmCal page as well.

Hopefully shows off the flexibility of the calendar
a bit.

For you Firefox (well. actually just about anybody not
using MSIE) you can now change your View->Page Style
and PmCalendar searches the upload directory for
css files that are listed with the styles= option.  So
people can upload css to PmCal and change the markup
to allow their css to be an option view.  That allows
us to have a set of downloadable themes for PmCalendar
that you can create and demonstrate without having
to do one at your own site.  With that said, the PmCal.css
at pmwiki.org is in place at that sites pub/css area, SO
it forms the basis of the style markups.  You will need
to keep this in mind since you may have to override
the base CSS behavior.  I may have Patrick remove
the base PmCal.css and we can just use the ones
loaded via the upload area... might be better that
way... not sure.

Oh well... let's see what happens.


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