[pmwiki-users] save problem

Michael Doughty michael.r.doughty at frb.gov
Thu Sep 15 10:49:52 CDT 2005

Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

>  It's significant that .flock is being created, because that means
>  that PmWiki does have appropriate permissions to the wiki.d/
>  directory, so it largely rules out a permissions-related problem. Out
>  of curiosity, what are the permissions on .flock (i.e., the output of
>  "ls -l .flock")?

It is 0664. or -rw-rw-r--, the owner is httpsrv, and the group is mine.

>  A page file doesn't get created in wiki.d/ until it is actually being
>  saved, so the fact that's it's not being created there seems to
>  indicate that the code is never reaching the page save routine. It's
>  possible that $ScriptUrl isn't being properly detected.


>  Assuming you still have $EnableDiag=1; in your config.php, can you
>  run the wiki with "?action=diag" and send me the output that results?
>  It'll just be a long list of variable settings, but those will often
>  tell me if there's anything "odd" about your particular PHP
>  configuration.

I am attaching it. My apologies to everyone for the size, but I don't
have a webserver I can post it to right now.

>  We'll resolve this one way or another! :-)

Thanks for all the help.


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