[pmwiki-users] Richedit . . .

Ben Wilson dausha at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 09:35:03 CDT 2005

You don't need to. If there is not a leading slash, then PHP will start 
looking in the current directory. I just went throughout the code and 
fixed all those includes. It works--almost (see below)

include_once("/cookbook/richedit/file.php"); # Looks from a root path
include_once("richedit/file.php"); # Starts in the scripts CWD.

Now that I have things working (I think), I am having the wiki text 
appear in the edit window--converted to HTML instead of in standard Wiki 

I assume there's a "activate the WYSIWYG" step missing.


Russell Bailey wrote:
> Sounds like the best solution might be to just SDV() the recipe path.  
> What do you think?
> Ben Wilson wrote:
>> I'm trying out this little tool. Problem is there is too many 
>> hard-coded references to files that I am having to edit out.
>> Instead of "include_once('cookbook/richedit/. . .');"
>> Try "include_once('richedit/ . . .');" Throughout.
>> Ben
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