[pmwiki-users] Dur: How to find all the pages which link TO a page?

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Wed Sep 14 18:30:43 CDT 2005

>>Which works. But I'd like to include some of the parameters I use when I 
>>use the directive:
>>   (:pagelist link={$FullName} fmt=bygroup list=normal :)
>I think this will work:
>    <a id='backlink'
>      href='$PageUrl?action=search&amp;q=link=$FullName&amp;fmt=bygroup&amp;list=normal'>$[backlinks]</a>
This does work.

>>What I'd ideally like is to have the backlist tab display as it does 
>>when I use the directive, rather than in the Search results page. Any 
>>way to achieve that?
>There are a couple of mechanisms.  One is to create a Backlinks page
>containing simply:
>    (:pagelist fmt=bygroup list=normal:)
>and then you can use that page to display backlinks to any other page.
>For example
>    http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Test/Backlinks?link=Main.WikiSandbox
Not sure that this approach works in a generic fashion. The goal is to 
have a 'backlink' link for every page. This approach would mean creating 
a backlink page for every page that gets created -- since the page name 
is hardcoded. We could make this work is we can pass a parameter into a 
page. The Backlink page would be something like:   
    (:pagelist link={$PASSED_IN_THRU_URL} fmt=bygroup list=normal:)

Not sure this can be done, and I can think of a couple of problems with 
this approach.

 ~ ~ Dave

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