[pmwiki-users] PublishPDF beta released

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Mon Sep 12 18:55:44 CDT 2005


I have uploaded a beta release of the script library that 
turns wiki page collections into typeset pdf files, 
laid out for printing.

Patrick, can we have a go at getting this working with 
Cookbook:PublishPDF and PublishPDFSandpit pages? You 
will want to read the installation instructions, as it 
needs a *lot* of stuff.

Intended audience:
Any wiki where the writers and readers want to read 
selected content on paper as well as on screen.

Aspire to produce print material that looks as if it 
came from a publishing system (ie better than a word 

Key features include:
- repurpose wiki markup for print output -- every page 
  carries a pdf icon

- pages from any page collection can be turned into a pdf
  -- including trails, search results, and calendars

- add a cover page and a table of contents

- readers can control the look of the output, eg whether 
  to format for single-sided or double-sided printing,
  via PDF options pages

- markup extensions enable enhanced control over page
  for example, list items can contain one or more

- includes a modified version of the pmwiki skin that
  works with the publishing library's search extension

For more information see

Click the pdf icon to see what the results look like.

The wikipublisher.org site runs pmwiki 2.0.5 plus the 
wikipublisher library; it has no other local customisations.

The server-side scripts will be released later for those who 
want to install a complete solution locally, once the print 
dtd and associated xslt processing are more stable. In the 
mean time, the library points to the wikipublisher.org server.

Recipe-writers can take advantage of PublishPDF capabilities
by instructing pmwiki to produce alternate xml markup if

The key differences between this library and other PDF creation 
recipes is that:

- it works off the wiki markup, rather than the xhtml that
  pmwiki generates

- it typesets the content, it doesn't turn the Print view
  into a pdf

We are keen to get feedback and suggestions for improvements.
Comments and questions welcome.
John Rankin

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