[pmwiki-users] Repsonse to wikcal/pmcal broken links

Chris Cox ccox at airmail.net
Mon Sep 12 17:41:46 CDT 2005

Rene Visco wrote:
>> Rene Visco wrote:
>>> John and Hans,
>>> Thanks for your tips.  I have to get used to create
>>> group.header/footer.  I haven't gotten the grasp of wikigroups, I don't
>>> know why.
>>> I noticed PmCal containing all the dates are "broken" links whereas
>>> WikiCalendar provided actual dates (correct months, days, etc).
> "Broken"...what i mean is that there are nonexistent pages with the ugly
> tiny question marks on every date and on the links to next/previous
> months, too.  At the first glance, there are a lot of question marks.
> WikiCal already doesn't incorporate the "question marks" on every date
> or month.  WikiCal just incorporated the dates/months without needing to
> stress the nonexistent links with question marks like PmCal does.

The question marks are default PmWiki behavior.  PmCal, by default WITHOUT
a CSS style, does not try to impose a style.. that makes it more
stylable (sic).  It's by design.

> Now for, I'm sticking to wikical.  the more time I play with PmCal..I'll
> figure it out on how to embed the edit/gui buttons I saw on other wiki.
> Thanks for your detailed response.  I need to review it again at times
> to digest the knowledge.

No problem.  PmCal is in a state of massive evolution... feel free to
recommend features/fixes/etc.  But I'll try to limit what goes into
the first 1.0 release... I'll say I'll shoot for 1.0 by the end
of September... but might let it go into October.  Just want to make
sure all of the serious issues are worked out (I don't see to
many serious issues... a few mistakes will be fixed in the release

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