[pmwiki-users] Repsonse to wikcal/pmcal broken links

Rene Visco rvisco at csdr-cde.ca.gov
Mon Sep 12 16:16:33 CDT 2005

> Rene Visco wrote:
>> John and Hans,
>> Thanks for your tips.  I have to get used to create
>> group.header/footer.  I haven't gotten the grasp of wikigroups, I 
>> don't
>> know why.
>> I noticed PmCal containing all the dates are "broken" links whereas
>> WikiCalendar provided actual dates (correct months, days, etc).

"Broken"...what i mean is that there are nonexistent pages with the 
ugly tiny question marks on every date and on the links to 
next/previous months, too.  At the first glance, there are a lot of 
question marks.

WikiCal already doesn't incorporate the "question marks" on every date 
or month.  WikiCal just incorporated the dates/months without needing 
to stress the nonexistent links with question marks like PmCal does.

Now for, I'm sticking to wikical.  the more time I play with 
PmCal..I'll figure it out on how to embed the edit/gui buttons I saw on 
other wiki.

Thanks for your detailed response.  I need to review it again at times 
to digest the knowledge.

> By "broken", you mean doesn't exist?  In a Wiki it is common for
> links to go to pages that do not exist.  In the case of a calendar,
> the links point to non existing pages because nobody has put any
> information on those pages to be displayed inside the calendar.
> I have NO idea what you mean by "WikiCalendar provided actual 
> dates...",
> AFAIK, it uses the "broken" link technique as well (??).

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