[pmwiki-users] Converting WikiStyle shortcuts to CSS classes

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Sun Sep 11 17:27:51 CDT 2005

On Monday, 12 September 2005 9:06 AM, Russell Bailey <russell-pmwiki at saberpunk.net> wrote:
>I have a few questions:
>* Has anyone played with rewriting the WikiStyle engine before?  Have 
>you documented any design or quirks?

For typesetting wiki page collections, we completely replace wikistyles
with print equivalents, to the extent practical. This means mapping
styles to suitable xml tags first (either inline or block), as the 
typesetting engine doesn't use css.

I imagine that this is incompatible with what you are doing. I'd be
interested in looking at an example of what you are producing.

John Rankin

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