[pmwiki-users] Cookie conflict

Mark Hamilton gmark.hamilton at gmail.com
Sun Sep 11 13:38:21 CDT 2005

I'm hoping someone can help me with a cookie problem.

I have a pmwiki and a WordPress blog both on the same web server, with
the WordPress files in a separate directory. When I use the wiki, it
appears to set a cookie (it may be the one named "author") that then
stops WordPress fro working properly. Instead of loading a page from
the blog, I get a WordPress error message that reads: "Sorry, no date
matches your criteria." I have to delete the cookies related to my
site from my browser (Safari) to gain access to my blog. (I haven't
tested this with other browsers by assume the problem is consistent.)

This affects anyone who uses the wiki (I teach and use the wiki as
part of my teaching): once they've logged into the wiki, they can no
longer access my blog without clearing the site-related cookies.

Does anyone have any ideas about I can get around this hassle? Keep in
mind that I'm not a coder but I can follow instructions fairly well.



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