[pmwiki-users] pmwiki 2.0.5 and i18n.tgz/zip updates

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Fri Sep 9 12:09:04 CDT 2005

I've just released 2.0.5, which cleans up quite a few remaining
items relating to internationalization of pages.  It is also the
beginning of cleaning up utf-8 and other character encoding support, 
although there is more to do.

I've also reviewed most of the i18n pages (*.XLPage) and updated them
with the new phrase keys where I could.  Since we're now in a more
stable release cycle (i.e., out of "beta"), I'll also be regularly
issuing updates to the i18n.tgz/i18n.zip files when I notice changes
to the language sections.  Everyone is welcome to contribute to
the existing language sections or to add new language support for
PmWiki!  (If there are stumbling blocks, let me know.)

This release also adds ?action=logout, which can be used to
explicitly expire a session and various browser settings.
(?action=login for user-based authentication should be coming soon.)

Finally, this release formally eliminates use of the $Newline
variable.  For those sites that absolutely need to be able to store
pages in the 1.x format (are there any?), this can be achieved
by setting $NewlineXXX = "\262"; in config.php.  For those sites 
that are using the pagestoregz.php recipe, I've already updated 
it in the Cookbook -- just download and install the new version.

Feedback welcome as always.


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