[pmwiki-users] pmcal....some questions

Chris Cox ccox at airmail.net
Fri Sep 9 08:44:47 CDT 2005

Pierre-Marie Carette wrote:
> Today   is a link which ...links to   NomGroup.NomGroup
> Why doesnt link to    NomGroup.$DefaultName ?

Good question.  I'm used to the default page being the group name.
Perhaps I made a bad assumption.

> Why force to put the (:pmcal:) in the footer ?

It's not forced.  You could use an (:include:) to get it to display
along with the text entry for the day... or not have the calendar
present at all on a day page.  You could place it as the GroupHeader
if you like....

I recommended the GroupFooter... but you don't have to do
it that way.

Again, there may be some bad assumptions with regard to
Group/Group... I'll have to look into that.

> (my feel : A cookbook doesn't forget the wonderful liberty of use  
> created with/by PmWiki.....)

PmCalendar was written as much as possible to be as flexible
as possible.... I really, really try to avoid any kind of "forced"

Of course, this is also GPL code... if you find a better way...
please let us all know... I'm certainly interested in code
fixes that make things "right" (better).

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