[pmwiki-users] markup questions

nexyufuli evo noskule at gmx.net
Wed Sep 7 10:01:22 CDT 2005

hi list
I have a problem build this markup. Does someone see whats wrong here.
Markup("explanation", "inline", 
"/\(:explanation:\)(.*?)\(:explanationend:\)/", "<div 

I build a second one to use with the new %lfloat% tag. With this one it 
is possible to |place the following text below the image.
|Markup("wordwrap", "inline", "/\\_\|/", "<br clear='all'>$1");

|see: http://netstreams.org/netstreams/wiki.php/Site/SandBox
Is  there is a other soltution to do the same thing?

grz nos

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