[pmwiki-users] Sidebars and attachments

Chris chris55 at dreamofai.net
Tue Sep 6 12:04:58 CDT 2005

At 13:49 06/09/2005, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
>On Tue, Sep 06, 2005 at 11:15:19AM +0100, Chris wrote:
> >
> > But whereas [[Attach:file.html]] worked on the Main group but not the
> > others, neither [[Main.Attach:file.html]] or
> > [[Attach:Main.file.html]] would reference the same file.
>Try either [[Attach:Main/file.html]] or [[Attach:Main.HomePage/file.html]] .

nope, that doesn't work either, Patrick.

I would have thought [[Attach:Main.Sidebar/file.html]] was more 
likely but that doesn't work either. The problem is entirely one with 
the sidebar.

Let me be more upfront this time! The page in question is 
http://www.cruising.org.uk/sections/ and you can see the effect if 
you go to one of the sections and look at the link "list of section 
secretaries". It's there on the front page but not on the section 
pages. (I have a password on the front page because I found some 
rogue process was stomping all over it and of course also an upload 
password. Sorry.)

I decided to ftp down the wiki.d directory and found something very 
strange. There were TWO copies of several of the key files including 
Main.HomePage and Main.SideBar, which of course my ftp complained 
about. I didn't realise that unix would tolerate this and I presume 
it must be pmWiki's fault. Does anyone know about that bug?


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