[pmwiki-users] Local settings, PmWikiFraw, LaTeX - help

David Spitzley dspitzle at wash.k12.mi.us
Tue Sep 6 09:48:26 CDT 2005

I set up AsciiMath on a wiki myself a couple of weeks ago, and it's hard to fairly judge the results until you install the necessary fonts; square roots, in particular, don't display right without the extra fonts.  The good news is that they are free, and the Mozilla foundation page has installers for several different OS options.  I found the results quite pleasing.


>>> Milan Lukic <milan at eskimo.com> 09/04/05 4:12 AM >>>
  AsciiMath seem to be working - at least to some extent. I get some
simple things such as x^2, (x-2)/(x+3)+1 dispalyed correctly, but
using the edit icon for the sqrt does not produce a very good
result. I also get a window pop-up telling me about a bunch of fonts I
am missing, and I will take care of that problem later. 

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