[pmwiki-users] Sidebars and attachments

Chris chris55 at dreamofai.net
Tue Sep 6 05:15:19 CDT 2005

A silly combination of features I don't seem to be able to get right 
as a newcomer to PmWiki.

I realise that if there is a page reference in the sidebar which 
should be seen by all groups then it must be prefixed with Main. for 
it to be visible. But one of the pages I wanted to put up was an HTML 
page (as I haven't yet learned how to do trickier things in PmWiki).

But whereas [[Attach:file.html]] worked on the Main group but not the 
others, neither [[Main.Attach:file.html]] or 
[[Attach:Main.file.html]] would reference the same file.

Do I have to reload the file and they will all work or is there some 
other trick?


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