[pmwiki-users] How do I get the Group for the current page inside of my php function for a markup?

Chris Cox ccox at airmail.net
Mon Sep 5 14:47:42 CDT 2005

I'm lost... I have no idea how a piece of php code is supposed
to know the Group of the page being loaded that contains the
markup being executed.

All of the function that seem that they might deal with this
contain multiple parameters and I can't get anything to do
what I want.

here's what I want...

 From inside of my PHP code... I want to include a page
ONLY if it exists:

I'm writing this in psueod code here so as to not confuse
you with the myriad of pmwiki function names (don't want
to lead you into using something):

IF (PAGE_EXISTS("Groupname.Pagename"))
	INCLUDE "Groupname.Pagename"

I'm generating the Pagename part... but how do I get
the Group?  I know in markup I can use {$Group}, but
is there something in PHP land I can use??

Very confused.

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