[pmwiki-users] mode views, prospects

Pierre-Marie Carette carette.pierre-marie at wanadoo.fr
Mon Sep 5 04:37:44 CDT 2005

I discover Mode views, i dream....

  I want to show page according to the nationality of the user :  
USpage Frpage, GBpage, DePage
  I want to show page according to the level of the user : new,  
beginning, old, older,...oldest,
  I want to show page according to social membership, scolarity...

I think that it is easier to  write only one page with several  
visible views

while walking me in the gold mine of documentation, I saw ModeViews  
and ?setview=viewname cookie switcher

My dream ?

- the user can define in a/his page his list of the possible views
- to have views ordered thus cumulable (who can more, can less)
- have a form so that the user can choose the view that he wishes
- with the opening of the page, to be able to choose the good view to  
be shown

this possibilities can be useful for teaching,  strategyGame, the  
instructions of use....

Excuse me to dream out loud  ;-)  some ideas to make share...
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