[pmwiki-users] Local settings, PmWikiFraw, LaTeX - help

Ciaran ciaranj at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 00:19:53 CDT 2005

On 05/09/05, Milan Lukic <milan at eskimo.com> wrote:
> Ciaran and Hagan,
> Thank you very much for your help. I am still unable to get image
> editing working. I tried both WikiFarm setup and the local/config.php
> without success. Since wikiFarm is the last thing I tried let me say a
> few words about that.
>   I am able to upload files. I tried first without PmWikiDraw
> activated and I was able to upload a plain text file and an image gif
> file. [[Attach:textfile]] leads me to an upload dialog, and it
> works. Same with [[Attach:some.gif]]. A click on corresponding link
> (after the page is saved) displays the image as a new page within the
> same browser window.
>   Now, when I activate PmWikiDraw (unzip ..., edit farmconfig.php  -
> and I tried to follow the directions from the web page to the letter),
> the [[Attach:...]] works the same - more correctly, almost the
> same. When I did [[Attach:rain.gif]] and uploaded the rain.gif file
> from the "pub/drawing/images", the image was dispalyed within the page
> I edited with a pen icon pointing to the right lower corner. A click
> on that pen icon resulted in a red frame formed around the image, but
> that was it.
>    Another thing I tried was the (:drawing polygon:). After saving the
> page, a link to create the polygon image was displayed and when I
> click on it, I manage to catch "Transfering data from localhost ..."
> message on the lower window bar immediately followed by "Done", and I
> ma back in the page, no image editor, or a new page in which I could
> draw the image ...
> I hope you guys, or someone else might have some idea about what might
> be wrong. BTW, my Java is 1.4. I don't know how to find out if the
> Java plugin is embedded in my browsers, but I don't recall having
> problems in visiting sites that require running Kava scripts.
> Milan
Hi Milan, 
I'm sorry you're having problems here, for starters, [[Attach:...]]
syntax is unrelated to PmWikiDraw, it just needs to 'work' so that I
know that all your file permissions are correct, you can't upload
images into PmWikiDraw in this fashion, an administrator has to do
this manually on the server :(

In order to diagnose the fault we need to turn on the java console on
your browser, if you're on Windows you should be able to do this
through the little Java icon on your 'system tray' or through the
control panel (either Java or Java Plugin xyz).

Having done this if you enable debugging of the script by adding the line:
  $EnableDrawingDebug = true;
to your farmconfig and send me the contents of the console,
alternatively, if your website is publicly available send me a link to
it ?
- Ciaran

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