[pmwiki-users] Local settings, PmWikiFraw, LaTeX - help

Milan Lukic milan at eskimo.com
Sun Sep 4 03:12:28 CDT 2005

Yhank you very much. I wiped the installation out and started from
scratch. This time I was careful not to uncomment, or change in any
way, more than one line of config.php at the time. It worked!

Then I went back to adding PmWikiDraw, latex ... 
  With PmWikiDraw, I got the same situation as before. I can edit a page
and put say (:drawing fish:) and when I save the page get a link to
create that new image, but when I click on that link, the window
blinks and I ma back in teh view window, never getting the image edit
window to work with.
  With LaTeX, it takes a few seconds for wiki to save the page I
edited (I suppose because LaTeX is working in the background),
However, instead of the formulas typeseted, the result is a large
space (empty box) in the place I would expect to see a mathematical
  AsciiMath seem to be working - at least to some extent. I get some
simple things such as x^2, (x-2)/(x+3)+1 dispalyed correctly, but
using the edit icon for the sqrt does not produce a very good
result. I also get a window pop-up telling me about a bunch of fonts I
am missing, and I will take care of that problem later. 

I hope that it will be possible to make both LaTeX and PmWikiDraw
working as well.

Milan Lukic

* H. Fox <haganfox at users.sourceforge.net> [2005-09-03 21:12:04 -0700]:

> On 9/3/05, Milan Lukic <milan at eskimo.com> wrote:
> > I am totally new to pmwiki; know nothing about php. I installed the
> > latest pmwiki two days ago on Slackware 10.0, Apache 1.3.39, PHP
> > 4.3.7. Everything worked fine until I copied a (slightly modified)
> > copy of sample-config.php into the local directory. After that
> > clicking on edit, or trying to open a new wiki page would give me a
> > blank window. Also, I would see "page loaded" flashing in lower left
> > corner of the window bar. When I remove the /local/config.php file, I
> > am able to again browse/edit wiki pages.
> Try this:
> * Copy sample-config.php to local/config.php
> * Make sure it works with the unmodified version.
> * Modify it, checking as you go that your modifications have the desired effect.
> Hagan


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