[pmwiki-users] Local settings, PmWikiFraw, LaTeX - help

Milan Lukic milan at eskimo.com
Sat Sep 3 22:16:06 CDT 2005

I am totally new to pmwiki; know nothing about php. I installed the
latest pmwiki two days ago on Slackware 10.0, Apache 1.3.39, PHP
4.3.7. Everything worked fine until I copied a (slightly modified)
copy of sample-config.php into the local directory. After that
clicking on edit, or trying to open a new wiki page would give me a
blank window. Also, I would see "page loaded" flashing in lower left
corner of the window bar. When I remove the /local/config.php file, I
am able to again browse/edit wiki pages.

I would like to be able to edit/display some mathematical content in
wiki. The PmWikiDraw package attracted my attention because the
example presented on the wiki page gives me an impression that my
students might be able to use handwriting rather than to learn LaTeX.
   First add-on I tried today was the PmWikiDraw package. I made a
"local/farmconfig.php" file from scratch copying the corresponding
lines from the wiki page. Then  I tried to edit the Sandbox and insert
(:drawing fish:) line in it. At first nothing happened, until I
finally thought of making "local/farmconfig.php" executable. Then I
got the link for editing the image, and when I click on that link a
password prompt appears ... After adding a line with my admin password
into the local/farmconfig.php file, I do not get the upload password
prompt anymore, but do not get the image edit page either. 
   I also tried to use [Attttach:rain.gif] and the rain.gif image does
come up (after I save the page) with a picture of a pen poiinting to
the lower right corner. I click there to edit the image, but the
window blinks, with "page loaded" flashing in the lower left corner,
and I never get a window for actual image editing.

  I then gave up on PmWikiDraw and tried latex.php. Of the three files
offered at the LinuxTex link on the PmWiki site, I decided to play
with the last one. As the path to the TeX binaries is different on my
system, I edited the file accordingly, and also commented out
references to dvipng. I then saved the file and placed it into
cookbook directory as latex.php, and made
include_once('$FarmD/cookbook/latex.php'); into my
local/farmconfig.php. Of course, I created the pub/cache and (for
PmWikiDraw) upload directories with the 777 permissions.
  {$ x^2-1/x = sin (x) $} returns just the same, i.e., latex.php does
not seem to be having any effect.

  I had no better luck with ASCIIMath either. 

O.K., I feel like totally stuck now. I hope someone on the list might
be able to help me get going. 

Milan Lukic

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