more praise to pmwiki WAS Re: [pmwiki-users] strange line break behavior

Radu radu at
Sat Sep 3 00:03:48 CDT 2005

At 12:19 AM 9/3/2005, Kevin Chan wrote:
>PmWiki is the easiest and most versatile wiki I've used and IMHO is the best!

Exactly! So much so that when I stumbled upon it, I temporarily 
postponed development on my own CMSystem in order to set up a pmwiki 
... then I got hooked and sticked with it because... it works, and 
when it doesn't it gets fixed so fast my head spins :)

It's a rush ;)

Mind you, I had worked with wiki-like software (my hymns project 
-written in cshell then perl- was storing page data in a folder 
called d :) and templates in a folder called t) since the early days 
when c2 was the only one around and html/web were so new you had to 
explain it every time you mentioned, and savvy server admins were 
going "aaah, sort of like gopher?" However, what they did was either 
too minimalistic or, later on, too involved and bulky and tough to 
maintain (a la tiki)

So indeed, Pm deserves lots of cheers for the time and thought he put 
into the current architecture.


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