[pmwiki-users] strange line break behavior

Kevin Chan kefin at makedostudio.com
Fri Sep 2 17:10:15 CDT 2005


I just upgrade from PmWiki 2.0beta52 to 2.0.0 and noticed an odd 
behavior on some of my pages that have backslashes (\\) at the end (to 
add extra line breaks).

On some of my pages I have:


In previous versions of PmWiki, the HTML code comes out as:

<br /><br />

which is what I'd expect as the backslashes just add newlines.

But in 2.0.0, the backslashes come out as:

<br />\\

So I'm getting "\\" at the end of my pages instead of line breaks.

Has anyone experience this or is there something wrong with my 

Thanks for the attention!


Kevin Chan <kefin at makedostudio.com> <kefin at ftml.net>

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