[pmwiki-users] Creative Commons

Christian Schlatter ch at schlatter.net
Fri Sep 2 15:32:01 CDT 2005

DaveG wrote:
> Just in case it wasn't clear, what I'd like to do is incorporate the 
> code below to that it's rendered normally, rather than being displayed 
> as actual text which is what happens when I simply paste into the 
> SideBar. I realize why it's not rendered (prevent people injecting 
> malicious code), but I wonder if there's not a variable I could assign 
> the code-snippet to attach it to the SideBar.

I think there is no variable available for SideBar. If you don't want to 
alter the template you could define a new markup rule like e.g.:

Markup('cc', 'directive', '/\\(:cc:\\)/e',
        'Keep(" ... CC html ... ")');

Then you could use the markup (:cc:) in the SideBar page.


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