[pmwiki-users] Creative Commons

Radu radu at monicsoft.net
Fri Sep 2 15:12:43 CDT 2005

Whenever you want to add HTML code to a fixed place in your wiki 
pages, you need to edit your skin template (if the skin doesn't 
already allow you to do so using content from included wiki pages or 
local/configuration options).

So check what skin you're using, find its .tmpl file and in it find 
the right place to paste that HTML. It's a good idea to save the 
result as a new skin, so that when you update the skin you won't lose 
your modification.

At 03:54 PM 9/2/2005, DaveG wrote:
>Just in case it wasn't clear, what I'd like to do is incorporate the 
>code below to that it's rendered normally, rather than being 
>displayed as actual text which is what happens when I simply paste 
>into the SideBar. I realize why it's not rendered (prevent people 
>injecting malicious code), but I wonder if there's not a variable I 
>could assign the code-snippet to attach it to the SideBar.


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