[pmwiki-users] recipes on core elements

Radu radu at monicsoft.net
Thu Sep 1 14:19:07 CDT 2005

Hi Pm.

I've asked already how I can make a recipe available for features 
that slightly extend an existing core function, and the answer at the 
time was oking my suggestion of 'just copy the function, modify it 
and put it in a cookbook file'.

However, that requires potentially lots of maintainance. E.g., I 
modified the simple tables function, and now there are changes to it, 
the recipe has to be modified to reflect them. So a recipe creator 
has to continuously monitor pmwiki releases and compare the bits they modify.

Is that the only way to go, or am I missing something? If that's the 
only way, I'm thinking about somehow automating (at least the 
checking part of) the process.

JR? Hagan? Neil? (and others :) How are you dealing with this?

I apologize if this is already documented anywhere.

At 01:10 PM 9/1/2005, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
>At long last, I'm very pleased to announce the official release of
>PmWiki 2.0.0, now available at http://www.pmwiki.org/pub/pmwiki .

Hip, hip, horrray!


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