[pmwiki-users] A fundraising thermometer (PHP script to draw an image) within pmwiki

David Sovinski aslan at aslandata.com
Wed Nov 30 12:19:22 CST 2005

Wendell and pm-wiki users

This fundraising thermometer has definately impressed some people at our 
sight. Thanks! We are almost at 75% of our fundraising goal.and it is 
fun watching it grow.

Two questions
1) Would it be appropriate to add this script to pm-wiki site with notes 
on how to get this type of PHP script working? I would like to do that 
for part of my contribution to pm-wiki in general and this script in 
particular. If it should be put on the site with instructions where 
should I put it? It's a pretty short script so I'd probable include the 
code in the text.

2) Would anyone know how to add a couple of lines of code to make it 
look like the thermometer is bursting out the top whenever the "Current" 
excedes the "Goal"?
the code, currently, is at     http://www.arkie.net/~scripts/thermometer/

Dave Sovinski (Caspian)

Wendell Brown wrote:

> David Sovinski wrote:
>> It is up-and-running and it WAS quite easy :-)
> Cool.
>> Maybe I can get a little more info about the copyright issue?
>> It said the script was free to use. What was the copyright issue? If 
>> I hadn't been informed I would not have known there was an issue :-P
> It was really just a clarification - technically, anything that is 
> published (even on the web) is automatically copyrighted.  My intent 
> with the "free to use" wording was something similar to the CC 
> license, but I didn't spell it out quite clearly enough.
>> Wendell, thanks for allowing us to use it with the change to a CC 
>> license. Do I now have permission to make modifications?
> Your welcome, and yes the CC license grants you the right to make 
> modifications.   :)

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