[pmwiki-users] Is there preferred versions of PmWiki to use for deployment?

Mr Wappy mrwappy at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Nov 29 15:42:29 CST 2005


I have been exploring and successfully developing
intranet test sites using PmWiki for a few months;
it's ease of use, scope and the general level of
activity and support on the list (and particularly the
involvement of the chief architect) are a strength. 
However, the rapid evolution of the product, raises
some questions for me for which I would seek

Q1.  Which version of PmWiki should I be using if I
wish to deploy a stable, secure Wiki on the Internet? 
I tend to always update to the latest everytime I try
a new feature but it may be that some versions are
"blacklisted" due to inevitable bugs during testing
etc but it isn't obvious to me which. Is there a list
of versions or should I continue to use the latest and
keep updating regularly?

Q2. Does the selection criteria change depending on
which recipes are being used e.g. AuthUser,
RSSImproved, Counter, PmWiki2PDF?

Advice-comments welcome.



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