[pmwiki-users] Workflow?

V.Krishn mistyfire at autograf.pl
Tue Nov 29 11:48:33 CST 2005


Few more things I was thinking could be added to the -Draft to help solve 
multiple edit conflict as in alice-bob case, For instance:
1. bread crumb like link at the top of every draft page get added. Eg

 original > bob > alice > bob

Then carol comes and does some edits and the -Draft version becomes

 original > bob > alice > bob > carol

This keeps on increasing creating pmwiki style history of page. One could just 
click any link in the breadcrumb and reach to a page at that instance. Then 
press publish.

Once the page is published the last version or the one choosen to be published 
is inserted as new text onto the original one (or maybe the complete 
history). The draft version is gracefully deleted the pmwiki fashion, just in 
case we need to refer it, which can always be cleaned priodically.

Secondly, I think all pages should be saved as draft and then published, 
rather than having a save as draft button or a radio button. 


> Here then, is my proposal for a workflow recipe.  
> 1.  Each page has a released version and an optional pending
>     version indicated by "-Draft" in the page name.
> 2.  When an author requests a page edit, the workflow recipe
>     intercepts the request and transforms it into a request to
>     edit the "-Draft" version of the page.
> 3.  If the "-Draft" version doesn't exist, or if it exists with
>     a timestamp earlier than the released version of the page, then
>     the released version of the page is used as the source.
> 4.  The "Save", "Preview", and "Save and edit" buttons work as
>     normal, except they're always working on just the "-Draft" page.
> 5.  A new "Release" button is added; activating this button causes
>     the contents to be saved to the original (non "-Draft")
>     version of the page, and the draft version of the page is
>     removed.
> 6.  The workflow recipe suppresses pages ending in "-Draft" from
>     pagelists and search results.
> 7.  All other actions work as before, and consider "-Draft" to be
>     a separate page from the released version.  
> Pm

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