HTML-only mails (was: [pmwiki-users] Workflow?)

H. Fox haganfox at
Mon Nov 28 21:15:21 CST 2005

On 11/28/05, Henrik Bechmann <henrik at> wrote:
> >>Is it somehow possible to block text/html messages that are sent to the list?
> I have in the past sent messages that have been completely stripped,
> with replacement text something to the effect that an HTML section has
> been removed.
> So now I have to set each message explicitly to text only, a PITA.
> Basically, I don't get it - I use Thunderbird, and the list software
> seems unhappy with me just generating a message to the list in a
> straightforward manner.


Tools -> Account Settings -> Your Account -> Composition & Addressing
-> Uncheck "Compose messages in HTML format"

Another possibility

Tools -> Options -> Composition -> Send and HTML Options -> Configure
text format behavior:

Yet one more possibility

Change that property for the address card (Tools -> Address Book -> ...)


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