[pmwiki-users] newbie help needed!!

Chris Cox ccox at airmail.net
Mon Nov 28 18:52:51 CST 2005

lynda.pike at juno.com wrote:
> Chris,
> I read your response on the PmWiki forum.  You updated the PmWiki
> default page, not my index page.  How do I get it to update the data
> from my index.php page?  This is a basic question that probably has to
> do with the local config file.  Please help.

Uh... PmWiki updates PmWiki pages... are you wanting some kind
of tool that will allow you to arbitrarily edit your HTML pages?

I guess I'm confused.  It sounds like you are wanting to
edit the output of whatever index.php generates (emphasis on

PmWiki allows you to easily create/edit content using PmWiki markup
language (pages are stored in flat files in a special format), but really
isn't for editing arbitrary files and isn't
for editing generated live content produced by some king of server
side program (be that php or otherwise).

Am I getting closer to knowing what you're looking for?


> Lynda
> ========
> Hello,
> I am a newbie to PmWiki and I need some real basic help.
> I already have a website www.intersiteconsulting.com/
> <http://www.intersiteconsulting.com/> hosted by www.lunarpages.com/
> <http://www.lunarpages.com/> and am familiar with basic internet
> technology (i.e., html, css, xhtml, ftp...).  Now, I want to add PmWiki
> to update my pages.  As a test, I added an edit link to the bottom of my
> index.php page as follows:
> <a
> href="http://www.intersiteconsulting.com/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=Main.HomePage?action=edit">edit</a
> <http://www.intersiteconsulting.com/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=Main.HomePage?action=edit">edit</a>
> and I got the PmWiki home page from installing PmWiki in the .../pmwiki/
> directory. 
> How do I get my index page (in the public_html directory) to edit?  Can
> you direct me to the correct piece of documentation?
> Am I hopelessly lost or can you help me? 
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