[pmwiki-users] newbie help needed!!

lynda.pike at juno.com lynda.pike at juno.com
Mon Nov 28 15:13:11 CST 2005


I am a newbie to PmWiki and I need some real basic help.

I already have a website www.intersiteconsulting.com/ hosted by
www.lunarpages.com/ and am familiar with basic internet technology (i.e.,
html, css, xhtml, ftp...).  Now, I want to add PmWiki to update my pages.
 As a test, I added an edit link to the bottom of my index.php page as
and I got the PmWiki home page from installing PmWiki in the .../pmwiki/

How do I get my index page (in the public_html directory) to edit?  Can
you direct me to the correct piece of documentation?

Am I hopelessly lost or can you help me? 

Sincerely, Lynda Pike
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