[pmwiki-users] commentsmailed.php question

brian at pongonova.net brian at pongonova.net
Mon Nov 28 14:27:08 CST 2005

On Mon, Nov 28, 2005 at 11:09:04AM -0500, David Spitzley wrote:
> These are a few of many reasons
> that I've been hoping to see a comments feature integrated into the
> base PmWiki, but after waiting for about a year I've come to the
> conclusion that it just isn't a high enough priority to make it into
> the core.

Thanks for the work you and others have done on this code.
Unfortunately, the one deciding factor for me between wikis is a
robust commenting scheme.  I run WackoWiki as well, and have found the
simple process of requiring authorization brings the spam problem to a
halt.  I'm not all that convinced that the current implementation of
comments/commentsmailed isn't open to a pretty vicious attack which
would simply involve repeated POST requests (easy to replicate
manually by simply reloading the comment page from the browser).  


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