[pmwiki-users] Workflow?

Henrik Bechmann henrik at bechmannsoftware.com
Mon Nov 28 14:19:08 CST 2005


>>However, as I've understood the 
various proposals the "edit" action would *always* come up with a draft,

No, I meant that the edit action would come up with a draft *only if a 
draft copy is present*. A draft copy would only be present IF an edit 
user had previously explicitly decided to save a draft (radio button 
choice between "publish" and "save as draft") before save. The CHOICE of 
saving a draft would only be presented on the edit form if the drafting 
capability had been activated for the scope (as usual page, group, or 
farm). I imagine this choice would always default to "publish", so that 
for minor edits, or an edit that was completed in one sitting, the page 
would be saved as normal, no draft copy.

IOW when the user hits edit, in the presence of the draft=on setting, 
PmWiki would look for a draft, (GroupName.PageName-Draft) and if present 
present that page for edit (not GroupName.PageName), and add the THIS IS 
A DRAFT note. If no draft page were available, then PmWiki would present 
the published page, no note required (or as you say users could by 
default look for the "-Draft" suffix. Perhaps the administrator could 
add a further conditional note as you say.)

So from the user's point of view he/she would select to save as draft 
only if his/her work were incomplete, knowing that he/she as a result is 
temporarily blocking edit on the basic published form.

When the user (any user with edit authorization) was done with the 
draft, then the user would save as "publish" and the draft copy would be 

>>For these applications introducing the concept of
"drafts/release cycle" would tend to confuse/discourage authors.

Then those applications would simply choose not to turn on the draft option.

Thanks for the additional tips.

Have you decided if you're going to do something like this?

- Henrik

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