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We always include this in our Tips for Editing:

Wiki's most fundamental how-to is
!! Editing and Adding Pages in ''Six Steps'':

'''1''' Edit a page,
'''2''' Create a link,
'''3''' Save the page.
->''And then''
'''4''' Click the link,
'''5''' Add some content,
'''6''' Save the page.

Then separately we explain the bare mechanics like finding the "edit" link
and adding the brackets.

In our FAQ, we have

Q How do I edit a page?

To add something to or change something on a page:

   - Go to that page
   - Click on the "edit" link, or "Edit" tab (depending on the design of
   the site).
   - An edit box will open; scroll up and down to find the place where
   you want to make your changes; click there and type.
   - Click Preview; use the whole-screen scroll-bar to compare the code
   in the edit box with the result.
   - Repeat the edit and Preview steps until you are satisfied with your
   changes, then
   - Add a brief description of your changes in the Summary box.
   - Enter your UserName in the Author box
   - Click Save.

On 11/28/05, DaveG <pmwiki at solidgone.com> wrote:
> I tried to write up something consise to help complete wiki-newbies
> understand what can be done with a wiki. Explaining Edit was easy.
> Explaining how to create a *new* page was not. Anyone have anything
> better?
> # Edit a page someone has already started by clicking the edit page tab
> you see on all pages.
> # To start a new article is really more difficult to explain than to do:
>     1. add a link to the new page by editing an existing page (use the
> [[My New Page Title]] square brackets to add a link to an existing page).
>     2. after saving your changes, you'll see the new link is underlined
> indicating a link to a non-existent page
>     3. click the link and you'll be editing a new page. Add your content!
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