[pmwiki-users] xml-PmWiki ?

Chris Cox ccox at airmail.net
Mon Nov 28 10:52:07 CST 2005

Pierre-Marie CARETTE wrote:
> each page in PmWiki is a flat file with a PmWiki's code.
> Would be useful to use xml codage for these files ? Why ? Why not ?

(my opinions.. )


XML is an interchange format that is very verbose.  It is not
suitable as a live repository format.

Better would be an action to convert the page to XML.  Would
really be nice if there was a common wiki interchange format
(XML instead of simple easy to use markup).

> Would be so in the next version of PmWiki ? Why ? Why not ?
> Secondly would be possible , and how, to have a text page with /in  XML
> which appears like a xml page in my browser ?

You could use a browser that handles xml files... like Mozilla or

Just an idea.

Again.. these are simply my own opinions on this.  Can't
say if PmWiki will have the features you are requesting
or not.

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