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Tegan Dowling tmdowling at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 09:13:11 CST 2005

Let's see...Here's what we have:

of course you need


and then the configuration

        $EnableMailPosts = 1;                               # To enable
         $MailPostsTo = "XXXXXXXX at mailbox.ext";      # Where to send mail
        $MailPostsFrom = "XXXXXXXX at mailbox.ext";    # Default Sender
         $MailPostsDelay = 1;                             # Wait 1 sec after
initial post
         $MailPostsSquelch = 7200;                           # Require 2+
hours between mails
        $MailPostsItemFmt = " * \$FullName . . . \$PostTime by
\$Author\n     \$PageUrl";

A note about this recipe:
We are considering reverting to the comments.php recipe because every time a
search engine's robot touches a page, it creates or increments the .comment
version of the page and the mailpost reports that a comment has been posted.

Too many false positives is no better than no info at all - we aren't
looking at the messages that come in any more.  I posted a query about this
a week or two ago but received no replies - do you have any ideas about how
the recipe or our configuration could be modified to prevent robots from

On 11/26/05, brian at pongonova.net <brian at pongonova.net> wrote:
> Any ideas what vars I need to enable to get the mail part to work?
> I've defined $MailPostsFrom and $MailPostsTo in my local/config.php
> file, but no mail...there's no  .mailposts file in my wiki.d dir.
>   --Brian
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