[pmwiki-users] conversion of rtf and/or html

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Fri Nov 25 13:45:57 CST 2005

On Fri, Nov 25, 2005 at 07:23:41PM +0000, Hans wrote:
> Is there a way to convert rtf files to pmwiki?
> Or simple formatted (similar to rtf) html documents?

FWIW, I've always found that doing a copy-and-paste from a browser
works relatively well.  

> I would like text with font sizes, bold, italics, underlines
> converted into pmwiki pages with minimum fuss.

Given that any HTML that follows the W3C guidelines doesn't have any
font sizes, bold, italics, or underlines (W3C says that CSS should
be used for these), one would have to have a system that can understand
and implement CSS as well as HTML to do this robustly.

If one is assuming that the HTML was written with <b>, <i>, etc.,
tags, then it could probably be done with some simple $ROSPatterns
in PmWiki.  Or take a look at the compat1x.php script for some
other ideas of how it might be done.


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