[pmwiki-users] New AuthUser Functionality

Christopher Dant cdant at virsa.com
Fri Nov 25 11:36:38 CST 2005

> This is coming via AuthList/AuthTable; see 
> http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Test/AuthList for an example.  
> I'm still working out the formatting for this report.

Looks good! A couple of suggestions:
- each permission indication (page, group) a hyperlink to the attr for
that page
- (or a link to a list of users with that permission on the page)
- page list is a link to list of users with access to that page, not the
page itself
- option to display only pages / groups with set permissions

> The authorization system is so complex already that I'm hesitant to
> add yet another dimension to it.  (This isn't a "no", it's
> just a "we really need to clean up other things first".)


> The way these are described (especially the last one) 
> somewhat assumes 
> that we have a list of users somewhere.  Since authuser allows 
> authentication against external databases and authentication systems, 
> that could be sort of tricky, and if the authentication database has 
> several thousand users, we probably don't want the complete list.

Again, I understand but on this I worry. Perhaps we don't need all
users, just those users with explicitly set permissions. This could be
gleaned from the wiki, not the potentially external auth system.

> More likely is to simply scan a set of pages and report any users
> explicitly listed in those pages.

Ah, this works. Although it would be expensive we could get a list of
users from that scan. I just want to see a second list sorted by users,
not just pages.

> I'm not seeing the group (or page) in each of the above.  Plus,
> this is somewhat backwards in that a user could have multiple
> permission levels (e.g., "read,upload").  Also we'd want to 
> list authorization groups somehow ("@editors"), and I'm not 
> quite sure how to do that.

I only showed Groups, since that has seemed to me to be the most
effective way of managing permissions on my intranet site, and I only
showed one permission. A table would be a better approach. A better
example might be:

A. Group / Page  / User

    id:*    read
    admin   admin edit read
    admin    admin edit read
    bert     read
    ernie    read
    sally    edit	read
    admin    admin edit read
    sally    edit	read

B. User / Group / Page

In CSV terms (although a table is better on the site) how about [id,
group.page, "permissions list"]:

id:*, Site, "read
admin, Site, "admin edit read"
admin, Protected, "admin edit read"
admin, Protected.SuperSecret, "admin edit read"
bert, Protected, "read"
ernie, Protected, "read"
sally, Protected, "edit read"
sally, Protected.SuperSecret, "edit read"

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