[pmwiki-users] Path problem running in chroot'd environment

brian at pongonova.net brian at pongonova.net
Thu Nov 24 17:51:58 CST 2005

I'm trying to run pmWiki on an OpenBSD (3.4) box.  By default, apache
runs in a chroot jail.  There was no response when I tried to access
pmwiki/pmwiki.php for the first time...some investigation revealed
that there seems to be an issue with the pathname returned by PHP's
dirname function.  I manually set $FarmD in pmwiki.php to the "true"
system pathname, and was able to at least get a page response.  But
there are still path problems elsewhere; nothing renders correctly,
and when there is an error message, it refers to the path relative to
the chroot jail, not the absolute path.

Is anybody running pmWiki in a chroot jail?  What mods did you need to
make to resolve the path discrepancies?  


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