[pmwiki-users] pagelist bug?

Hans design at softflow.co.uk
Thu Nov 24 11:59:05 CST 2005

Thursday, November 24, 2005, 3:31:54 PM, Patrick wrote:
> My suggestion is that when changing the pagelist to display titles
> instead of names, one should also change the default to order by
> title instead of name:

>     $FPLByGroupIFmt = "<dd><a href='\$PageUrl'>\$Title</a></dd>\n";
>     $FPLByGroupOpt['order'] = 'title';

> This will cause the titles to always be read, as well as sorting
> the resulting list into title order which will make more sense
> than having pages with titles mysteriously appear out of sequence
> in the resulting list.

Thank you, this is great advise, all working well now!
Just have to add it to the documentation.

>> ====
>> Something else just bothered me when I set up these testpages:
>> you can see at
>> http://softflow.co.uk/design/TestGroup2/Test1
>> that the {$FullName} on the page is displayed with a group name which
>> looks like a "page yet to be created" link. 

> I'm guessing this is because of a modification to the wikiword pattern
> or some other interaction with wikiwords -- the site is somehow seeing
> TestGroup2 as a wikiword and linking it + spacing it.  I'm not sure
> why it's not catching the Test1, however, unless there's a change
> in $WikiWordPattern that's causing it.

The problem persisted even by removing config.php and farmconfig.php.
But it sorted itself by upgrading to the latest beta.
I was running 2.0.1 before. So I don't know what was going on,
but relieved it is gone.


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